Ethical Time, the first sustainable fashion app

  Buying without blowing is a choice that we should all be able to make . With this philosophy, the Ethical Time Foundation has launched a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami , to raise funds that will allow it to create the first sustainable fashion mobile application in Spain. The Ethical Time app will be the […]


Maillo sees "essential" that Catalonia participate in the new financing model

    Press conference by Fernando Martínez-Maillo at the headquarters of the PP EUROPA PRESS The general coordinator of the PP, Fernando Martínez-Maillo, has ensured that it is “essential” that Catalonia is present in the new model of regional financing , since, as he said, can not move to a scenario that does not take […]


A vaccine to dominate them all (flu viruses)?

Why this year’s flu vaccine works poorly The flu is spread by breathing alone, without coughing or sneezing If you read my article yesterday, you will have been left with the firm impression that it is impossible to manufacture a unique vaccine, a wildcard that, like Tolkien’s ring, can dominate all influenza viruses regardless of […]