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A loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand – Will the bank borrow PLN 50,000?

A loan for the purchase of a flat of PLN 50,000 in a bank. In which bank for such a loan? How much will credit installment amount? Contact the bank or choose a financial intermediary?

This is not a big loan, of course, when it comes to mortgage loans, but it does not relieve us from the comparison of bank loans. As far as we care about a favorable loan.

Before the bank decides whether it will give you a loan to buy an apartment, it will definitely check whether you have:

  • creditworthiness, to which income is calculated, the type of employment contract, other loan commitments, age, place of residence, number of dependents and several others.
  • creditworthiness, or your credit history at BIK.
  • money for own contribution, which in 2019 is 20% of the property price. If you want to buy a flat for PLN 62,500, you must have PLN 12,500 for this purpose. The mortgage you need is 50,000 zł.

If you do not have 20% of your own contribution, banks also allow you to finance the purchase of real estate with a mortgage with a 10% own contribution. The missing amount of own contribution is insured by the banks, covered by the client.

But these are not, of course, all the costs we incur in connection with the purchase of an apartment. These include, among others: a tax on civil law transactions for the purchase of real estate, notarial fees, sometimes also a commission for a real estate office.

Calculation of loan installments (estimated): loan for the purchase of a flat PLN 50 thousand. The value of the flat: PLN 62,500.

Loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand banks and realtors

Loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand banks and realtors

Do not know what loan to buy an apartment to choose? Which bank to contact? You can arrange a free meeting with a financial intermediary.

Before you decide on a loan to buy an apartment, you need to estimate the budget that you have for the purchase of the flat. Contact a bank or financial intermediary to estimate your creditworthiness. If you know that you have the creditworthiness and creditworthiness, then you can only start looking for the right apartment.