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A loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand – Will the bank borrow PLN 50,000?

A loan for the purchase of a flat of PLN 50,000 in a bank. In which bank for such a loan? How much will credit installment amount? Contact the bank or choose a financial intermediary?

This is not a big loan, of course, when it comes to mortgage loans, but it does not relieve us from the comparison of bank loans. As far as we care about a favorable loan.

Before the bank decides whether it will give you a loan to buy an apartment, it will definitely check whether you have:

  • creditworthiness, to which income is calculated, the type of employment contract, other loan commitments, age, place of residence, number of dependents and several others.
  • creditworthiness, or your credit history at BIK.
  • money for own contribution, which in 2019 is 20% of the property price. If you want to buy a flat for PLN 62,500, you must have PLN 12,500 for this purpose. The mortgage you need is 50,000 zł.

If you do not have 20% of your own contribution, banks also allow you to finance the purchase of real estate with a mortgage with a 10% own contribution. The missing amount of own contribution is insured by the banks, covered by the client.

But these are not, of course, all the costs we incur in connection with the purchase of an apartment. These include, among others: a tax on civil law transactions for the purchase of real estate, notarial fees, sometimes also a commission for a real estate office.

Calculation of loan installments (estimated): loan for the purchase of a flat PLN 50 thousand. The value of the flat: PLN 62,500.

Loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand banks and realtors

Loan for the purchase of an apartment PLN 50 thousand banks and realtors

Do not know what loan to buy an apartment to choose? Which bank to contact? You can arrange a free meeting with a financial intermediary.

Before you decide on a loan to buy an apartment, you need to estimate the budget that you have for the purchase of the flat. Contact a bank or financial intermediary to estimate your creditworthiness. If you know that you have the creditworthiness and creditworthiness, then you can only start looking for the right apartment.

Non-bank credits via the internet? Not a loan, but a loan …

Non-bank credits via the internet? No loans, only loans. The loan may be granted by a bank, or SKOK, and loan companies only grant loans. If this issue has already been clarified, what can be said about non-bank loans? The fact that they are very popular is an obvious cliché.

Although they constitute only a small fraction of the total number of loans granted, it is loud about them for several reasons.

Very often, the argument raised against non-bank loans is the cost of granting them.

In fact, they are not cheap, but you can also find those that are in promotional prices for new customers for 0 PLN.

Due to the fact that cases of dishonest loan companies are publicized in the media, and rightly so, entities providing such services are not often seen in a negative light.

However, it must be realized that in the whole segment of business activity there will be entities that have failed consumers in one way or another, and that does not mean that all companies act unfairly.

Choosing a loan company

Choosing a loan company

Cash flow rates are very often the only source of borrowing money for people who do not have creditworthiness at the bank. The reasons can be very different, from the absence of a contract certifying employment and receiving income, to a negative credit history in BIK. Loans, whether banking or non-banking, should be taken responsibly.

The basic rule, apart from the appropriate choice of a loan company, is the estimation of own creditworthiness. If we are not sure that we will return the money on time, we should not lend. Similarly, you have to make a commitment in one loan company to give a loan in another. It is a simple way to fall into a debt loop.

Non-bank loan for free

Non-bank loan for free

Loan companies use different forms of advertising to attract customers. It is very popular to offer the first loan for free. When borrowing for the first time in a loan company, we will not pay for the loan. Of course, before we decide on such a free loan, please read the regulations. Most often, this form of promotion is used by loan companies operating via the Internet.

What does a loan company have to do with borrowing it for PLN 0? Above all, he counts on the customer returning to them and borrowing more money on which he already earns. Having personal data, such as an e-mail address or mobile phone number, you can send loan proposals to the client. At the same time, the company providing a free first loan is aware of the fact that not every customer will settle the loan in a timely manner and will be forced to extend it. And for this service, fees are already charged without a reduced fare, according to the price list.

Moments via the internet

Moments via the internet

In addition to companies that operate in a traditional way, stationary, there are a dozen or so loan companies whose operations are 100% online. They do not have customer service points that can be approached with proof for a loan. Of course, online loan companies that you can trust inform on your website the address of the head office and a full set of contact options. In what such a loan company is better than traditional? Above all, it’s a big convenience for consumers. You do not have to go to a branch of a company that provides this type of service, but fill out a loan application at home, via the internet. All you need is a bank account and a phone number.

After completing the application and transferring the symbolic amount, in most cases it is PLN 0.01 (to confirm your personal data), we will receive within a few minutes information about granting the loan or rejecting the application. Still on the same day we have money on your bank account.

What non-bank loan?

What non-bank loan?

Online loan companies borrow in most cases small loans, these are just a few minutes – a small amount for a short period of time. But installment loans are becoming increasingly popular. Generally, the first loan is not more than PLN 500 – PLN 1000, but there are non-banking companies that will borrow and PLN 2,500! The first limit is usually relatively small . But it increases with another loan, provided that the provisions of the contract and the regulations have not been broken.

A comparison of non-bank loans is designed to help you get acquainted with the offer of non-bank loans. And it helps in searching for a payday via the internet and an installment loan. All you need to do is to enter the amount of the loan you are looking for and the time for which you intend to take out a loan. Then we will get a list and selection of loan companies that provide such a loan.

This is a very helpful tool, for two reasons: it saves time in browsing loan offers and allows you to search for the cheapest offer by cost analysis. Therefore, we choose what we are currently interested in and what we need.

Let’s always remember that before we sign a contract with a loan company, you must read and understand its provisions. No matter if it is an online or stationary loan company. Only when we accept all its provisions and do not raise our doubts, we can decide to accept the terms of the loan.

Installment Loan

Small Loan is primarily intended for low- budget clients, who will be able to get a total of CZK 500 to CZK 4,500. It is good money to pay for a variety of payables, such as money transfer, mortgage repayments, and so on. This type of loan is purposeless, so you can use it for arbitrary things.

Money on account

Ask for an installment loan through a simple online application and the same day will be settled. online citrus loans can help you today! Following is a quick payout and credit to the client’s bank account. This flexibility will undoubtedly delight anyone who aspires for simplicity, administrative ease and clear terms of service. These are written fairly and comprehensible.

Small, Low-Interest Loan

Take advantage of the loan for any purpose and indulge in acceptable interest rates. When you properly pay off your commitments, you can ask for a Little Hyper Loan again and again. Whenever you miss several hundred to hundreds in paychecks. A small Hyper Loan always comes in at the right time, without unnecessary extra charges, limitations and other ailments. You certainly do not expect.

Payout table

  The amount of the loan Repayment period Charge Interest* RPSN * Total *    
  500 CZK 30 days 0, – CZK 0% 0% 500 CZK I am interested in  
  2 000 CZK 0 days 0, – CZK 0% 0% 2 000 CZK I am interested in  
  4 500 CZK 30 days 0, – CZK 0% 0% 4 500 CZK I am interested in  

Loan amount: 500 CZK Repayment time: 30 days Fee: 0 CZK Interest *: 0% RPSN *: 0% Total *: 500 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 2,000 Repayment time: 0 days Fee: 0 CZK Interest *: 0% RPSN *: 0% Total *: CZK 2,000 I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 4,500 Repayment time: 30 days Fee: 0 CZK Interest *: 0% RPSN *: 0% Total *: 4 500 CZK I am interested in

A small loan of CZK 3,000 will undoubtedly help everyone. The maturity date will be 31 days and a fixed interest rate of 400.32%. The RPSN will be 3 037%. You will pay a single fee of 1 020 CZK for the arrangement. Together you will refund 4 020 CZK.

frequent questions

What do I have to meet to get a loan? The Small Loan is intended for permanent residents in the Czech Republic who can prove their regular income and their own bank account. Age range is between 18 and 65 years. What is the highest amount I can receive? It is a financial amount of CZK 4,500 with a maximum maturity of 45 days. What can money be used for? The purposeless nature of the loan reveals that the finances are usable for anything. Purchase electronics, payment for postal or other services. Loan Amount 500 – 8 CZK Maturity 1 – 30 days Interest from 0% RPSN from 0%.