Maillo sees "essential" that Catalonia participate in the new financing model



Rueda de prensa de Fernando Martínez-Maillo en la sede del PP

Press conference by Fernando Martínez-Maillo at the headquarters of the PP EUROPA PRESS

The general coordinator of the PP, Fernando Martínez-Maillo, has ensured that it is “essential” that Catalonia is present in the new model of regional financing , since, as he said, can not move to a scenario that does not take into account “to all the autonomous governments” . In addition, he warned that the new Catalan government would have “very difficult” to explain to the Catalans why not participate in this channel of dialogue that opens to improve funding.

In an interview with Europa Press, Maillo has indicated that the government wants to agree on the new financing model and that the “error” of 2009 is not repeated, when the Executive led by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero negotiated the financing system only “with a part”.

Regarding a possible model of regional financing if Catalonia does not participate, he stressed that “it is essential that Catalonia is present in the model . “We can not repeat the error of 2009, which consisted in the contrary, a financing model only negotiating with a party, but we can not move to another scenario in which we do not take into account all regional governments , including Catalonia” , he assured.

Given the possibility that a pro-independence government is formed and does not want to participate in that negotiation, Maillo has pointed out that this “will be a problem”, but he reminded that Catalonia “is not only the separatists” but there is also a part of society which is not “They will have a very difficult time explaining to Catalan society that there is a way to improve financing and that they do not want to participate,” he warned.

The general coordinator of the PP has explained that its objective is to move forward a new financing system . “We are not going to put ourselves on the scene of the blockade, but of the dialogue, they may not attend some meetings, but I do not think they refuse to speak to improve the system, which is now unthinkable,” he added.


Regarding the draft General State Budgets (PGE) for 2018 , the general coordinator of the PP has stated that they are “moderately optimistic” in relation to the possibility of these public accounts going ahead. “There are options to get it out,” he said, when asked what will he perceive in the Basque nationalists.

“With the PNV I think we will reach agreements, as with the Canarian partners,” he said, adding that after the constitution of a new Government in Catalonia, article 155 “will no longer be in force.” Thus, he said that, with a Govern that “respects the laws, as the PNV does in Euskadi”, the Basque nationalists “understand” it and “from there a negotiation period can be opened” .

Last Thursday, Mariano Rajoy met at the Palacio de la Moncloa with Albert Rivera to discuss negotiations to approve regional financing and public accounts, apart from the situation in Catalonia. The Chief Executive will continue this January with these contacts and, in the case of the PGE, will give priority to the training with which he took out the 2017, that is, Cs, PNV, Coalición Canaria and Nueva Canarias.

By asking Maillo if Cs has raised the price of his support for the PGE after his success in Catalonia, he has answered that he has not yet entered into the “concrete detail”. “In any case we do not need to go up or down, we have an investiture agreement and we have the will to fulfill it,” he added, adding that they may have “discrepancies” with Cs in “many issues” but that “the important thing is to give stability to the Government of Spain “. “I hope Cs keeps that commitment,” he proclaimed.

Given the fact that Citizens now claim to match the salary of the police and the Civil Guard , Maillo has said that “curiously that was not one of their demands in the investiture pact.” In his opinion, this “going where the wind blows has its problems and contradictions.”

Thus, he stressed that wage equalization is “a commitment of the Government” and does not appear in the investiture pact that was sealed in August 2016 because Ciudadanos “did not ask for it”. “Now they ask for it and they do not need to ask for it, we have that commitment and we are negotiating with the unions,” he said.

The reform of the constitution

The general coordinator of the PP has said that ” a country that is not in permanent reform is not possible” and added that the task of the Government of Rajoy is “to continue with the reforms”. “We agree with the King that we must be in permanent movement, the PP is not an immobile party, we want to reform, but with responsibility and with the agreement of all,” he said, alluding to the words of Philip VI in his speech on Christmas Eve

As to whether he believes that behind those words of the King there is an invitation to undertake the constitutional reform, Maillo recalled that there are parties like Podemos that intend to “go against” and seek to call a referendum if there is a constitutional reform “that” do not like it. “” And that is also an approach that we all have to take into account. Therefore, reforms that are common sense, knowing what you want to do and with agreement, because we can not introduce instability, Maillo sees it “essential” that Catalonia is present in the new model of regional financing, we must give certainty, “he said. saying.

The general coordinator of the PP has indicated that at the moment a commission for the analysis and evolution of the territorial system has been created , “not for the reform of the Constitution”. “We will see if it gives for that or not, there, the PP is … Citizens have been in tow, but to make a constitutional reform we have to have agreement, consensus and know what it is for,” he concluded.