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Consolidation of Loan up to CZK 6,000,000

Mortgage Bank Consolidation Review

Quick overview

  • Amount : 300,000 – 20,000,000 CZK
  • Maturity : 5 – 30 years
  • Method of transfer: transfer
  • Method of payment : one-time transfer
  • Receipt : yes
  • Checks registry : yes
  • Required documents : OP or CP or CP
  • Can be completed online : no
  • With criminal record : no
  • Citizenship : CR
  • Age Limit / Range : 18+
  • Bank account : yes


What does consolidation suit?

What does consolidation suit?

  • When you are not satisfied with the terms of your existing loan
  • When you want to get a better loan with a lower interest rate
  • If you want to repay the loan over a longer period of time
  • When you want refinancing free of charge and from a leading mortgage lender


Detail information


Refinancing request

In addition to refinancing at any bank branch, you can arrange a meeting with a banker by phone or online. For telephone inquiries, the number 844 111 999 is specified; just fill in a short form at the website. In addition, a credit calculator is available at this address to see how much you could save by transferring your mortgage loan.


Required documents and documents

If you choose a simplified refinancing option, you will not need so many documents or documents – only the documentation from the previous loan will suffice. On the contrary, with normal refinancing, all documents must be documented according to the bank’s requirements. Their exact composition will be communicated to you by the bank employee when processing your application.


Repayment of a new loan

The new refinanced loan can be repaid for up to 30 years – it depends on you for how long you want to spread the installments. Extraordinary installments are permitted, with the extraordinary installment being free of charge as of the date of the change in the interest rate; Otherwise, the repayment takes the form of regular monthly installments, by transfer from your bank account.


Consolidation is intended for:

  • Those who are not satisfied with their mortgage or other home loan
  • Those who want to cut their monthly expenses and spread their repayments over a longer period of time
  • Those who are interested in better interest rates and generally more favorable terms
  • People over 18 who have sufficient income

Consolidation not determined:

  • To transfer loans that were not provided for housing
  • People who do not want or cannot guarantee a new loan for real estate
  • Those who want a longer maturity than 30 years
  • People who have no income to repay the new loan

Quick information

Quick information

Loan Unification Conditions

  • 1 The exact conditions depend, among other things, on whether this is normal or simplified refinancing
  • 2 For a simplified loan, the loan can be up to 85% of the value of the property
  • 3 The loan maturity must be up to 30 years and the client must have min. year of proper repayment
  • 4 For normal refinancing, the loan may be up to 100% of the value of the property

Features of this consolidation

  • Bank consolidation loans comparison