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Loans for Driving Licenses

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We all know the freedom of being able to take the car. It gives a great deal of flexibility and freedom in everyday life, which few Danes can do without.

If you are around the age of 18, or have you lost your driving license, many would prefer to take a driving license. You can do that in the country’s many driving schools that you find in almost every city. On the other hand, it is not cheap and not possible to pay for anyone. So it’s good you have the opportunity to borrow money for it so you don’t need to take a bus or train.


What does a car license cost?


The price spans a lot, depending on which driving school you choose and what you take card for. At the same time, it has a significant influence on whether you go straight through, or whether you dump the theory or the driving test. If we start with a map for a car and that you complete it all the first time, it will typically cost around DKK 11,000 incl. everything.

Before you consider borrowing money to go to a driving school, it is a good idea to examine the possibilities first. After all, there is a marked difference between eg. DKK 9,000 and DKK 11,500 and your loan should reflect your needs. Many driving schools offer payment in several installments and this means that all the money does not need to fall in one go. However, a loan may still be needed, and this is where the interest base can help you.


Loans, driving licenses and prices

Loans, driving licenses and prices

You can read more about driving licenses and prices here, where you can compare driving schools in your neighborhood. It can be of great help when you need to find a local driving school.