Our plans for the Nigerian textile market —Riem Ali Taha, CEO, Suntex AG

Suntex AG, a company that designs, produces and distributes embroidery and prints, is making its mark on the Nigerian and African fabric markets.

Founded in Switzerland in 1998, the company specializing in veiling is currently carrying out new projects and articles specific to the Nigerian market. According to Riem Ali Taha, Suntex AG will look for expansion opportunities.

“The Nigerian market is important to us because most of our products and designs relate to the diversity of culture and lifestyle of its people from North to South. We are known for our high quality Swiss voile fabrics. We have our own secret that we infuse into the creation of veil materials. It has become an essential part of Nigerian culture, receiving wide attention from art, design and quality,” she said.

She further stated that Suntex AG creates fashionable Swiss textiles for the different traditions of Africa, specializing in cotton voile. This, she said, includes textiles such as African veil embroideries, prints, jacquards, brocade, guinea brocade, Atiku, Lamé as well as turbans.

“Over the next few years, we intend to gain experience and more clients in the Nigerian fashion industry, including the North East and West African market and African consumers in metropolises. African women,” Taha added.

According to her, the Nigerian textile industry is experiencing a revival and Suntex AG is here to complement the efforts already made by the government and major players. This is why the company has modernized its embroidery factory in Switzerland to meet the needs of the growing market. He also plans to establish embroidery factories in the country in the near future. Suntex Ag is aware of the progress made by the Nigerian textile industry in recent times.

“For an industry whose demands are never lacking, we are here to meet the needs of Nigerians and ensure that our wide range of products become an acquired taste for Nigerians.”

With its headquarters located in St. Margrethen, Switzerland, it previously consisted of four companies; Nile AG, Takotex AG and AlRayan AG which merged to form Suntex AG in 1996.

Born in Omdurman, Sudan, 36 years old, Taha grew up in Switzerland. She studied commerce at Benedict in Switzerland. She also has work experience in different fields, including telecommunications and marketing.

“Studies never end in business, because I always follow appropriate courses in fashion and embroidery. I am trying to get to a position where I can express myself in the best possible way in the Nigerian textile market,” Taha said.

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