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As businesses, consumers and artists increasingly realize that animals are people, not clothes or art supplies – and learn how animals are brutally abused and killed for their wool, their skin, their feathers and fur – they choose functional and luxurious textiles made from eco-friendly plants and recycled synthetics that no one should die for.

Here’s a list of vegan companies and artists paving the way for a cruelty-free future:

Human things

Specializing in vegan and eco-responsible fine art and traditional craft supplies, Things Human empowers artists to create meaningful works without harming animals or the planet. It offers a wide variety of vegan products including bamboo and soy yarns as well as natural pigments and animal hair free brushes.

Wool world

You cannot ignore how lambs are beaten and their flesh ripped off in the wool industry. So, after concerned and compassionate consumers asked World of Wool to offer vegan options, the 40-year-old company began selling colorful and thick vegan wool made from pineapple, bamboo, hemp, cotton. , soy and flax.

Vegan yarn

Vegan Yarn is passionately committed to both animal and human rights, environmental sustainability and a caring future for the textile industry. The company offers a wide range of plant fibers which are great wool-free options, including soy silk, bamboo, Tencel, vegan cashmere, and linen.


Look no further than Rawanique for beautiful, durable materials without animals. It sells twine, rope and yarn made from organic cotton, linen and cannabis hemp grown and processed naturally in the United States and Europe.


British company Yarn Yarn offers plant-derived, eco-friendly and recycled yarns, handcrafted by women’s cooperatives and small communities in rural India. Its vegan yarn is made from hemp, flax, and even sustainable fibers that are scraped from the bark of bananas.

Churchmouse threads and teas

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas sells a variety of cotton, hemp and linen plant-based yarns, including one of the best flax yarns on the market, Louet Euroflax. This animal-friendly material is gleaned from blue-flowered flax, boiled twice, then steamed for extra sweetness.

Simplified fabric

Simplifi Fabric is a family business passionate about bringing organic textiles from around the world to its customers. It offers one of the largest selections of vegan fabrics including bamboo, vegan leather, hemp, organic cotton, soy and lyocell.


Michigan-based company BeCozi offers luxurious and affordable vegan wool made from 100% acrylic that has the feel of merino wool without harming animals. It is perfect for weaving, felting, knitting, crochet, making thick knit blankets and much more.

Vegan artists are changing the game of textiles

So maybe you’re not the cunning type yourself, no worries! There are tons of talented artists who use cutting edge vegan materials to create beautiful objects. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:


Help us persuade Blick Art Materials to switch from badger hair brushes to synthetic animal free brushes:


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